CIVS PV Labo System

OPTORUN offers a laboratory-use solar cell coating system with CIGS method,
which has more advantages than other methods in terms of conversion efficiency, long-term stability, running cost.
Self-developed process know-how with a guaranteed conversion efficiency will be provided.

      ■ Average conversion efficiency over 10% guaranteed
      ■ Suitable for R&D, technical training
      ■ High repeatability by auto-deposition
      ■ Can be coated on metal, grass, film substrate

      * Actual system may be different from the above photos.


   Mo, ZnO, AZOz, Al Multi-target Coater Multi-evaporation Source CIGS Coater                CBD Coater       I-V Measurement Tester

Conversion efficiency

10cm*10cm Conversion efficiency distribution
(the average conversion efficiency over 10% guaranteed)